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Winner of the 73rd Los Angeles Area Emmy Governors Award as part of the team of LA City View Channel 35 in 2021

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Nominated for Best Actress at the Terror Film Festival 2017 (USA) for playing the female lead role (Topanga) in  the feature film Cinebasura: La peli.

Nominated for Best Actress at the Terror Film Festival 2017 (USA) for playing the female lead role (Topanga) in  the feature film Cinebasura: La peli.

Actress reviews web

“Surely the best performance is the one of the female lead, who carries the weight of the action on the second half of the film.”

- Cineyear (Film Blog)


“The young Natalia Bilbao (Gernika), a wonderful actress who plays Topanga”.

- El Palomitron (Film magazine)


“Natalia Bilbao, who aside from being good looking is a very good actress, despite having had to lower her acting level for the occasion, we can still see her enormous charisma on screen”.  

- El Athnecdotario (Film Blog).


“Natalia Bilbao performs really well in an element that's not her usual one (comedy)”

- Game it (Culture Blog).


If I had to highlight one, I would mention Topanga (Natalia Bilbao), whose character adds funny bits while she accompanies the other two leads”.  

- Entre Letras y Cámaras (Film Blog)


“Natalia Bilbao plays the role of Topanga very well

- Feadraug (Film Blog)


“Natalia was the star of 'Cine Basura: La Peli', a film I directed and starred in. She was one of the best things about the shooting. Not only did she help develop her character, but she also was a delight when talking about how to enhance each scene she was in. Always cheerful and professional. Is the film better thanks to Natalia? Absolutely. Would I work with her again? With utter pleasure”.

- Paco Rodriguez Prieto, co-director of Cinebasura:La Peli.

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“As an exhibition project manager, I’ve worked with many people around the world for corporate events, exhibitions and many different occasions. Among those many experiences, Natalia is the best Presenter/MC/Performer I’ve ever met. She is energetic, professional, and always doing her best. My client and I were amazed by her work. I would like to say thank you to her effort and can’t wait to work with her soon.”

- Jamie Ryu (유희선) (Project Manager at BizMarComm Ltd.) - Live shows for South Korea Telecom



“Since 2015 Natalia has given us an invaluable help as a presenter in English and Spanish in all the audiovisual production that we develop for clients such as BBVA, Santander, Wizink or IATA. Her flexibility and ability to communicate and adapt to the circumstances of each of these projects has been key to the success of all of them. Without a doubt, she has offered us a versatility and great work that has been fundamental for the high degree of satisfaction obtained with our clients.”

- Francisco Requena (CEO at Inari Learning & Technology) - Corporate videos in English and Spanish



"Natalia has worked with us since 2015 as a presenter for our official channel as well as hosting the live fashion shows of our collections in both English and Spanish. I would highlight her professionalism, natural style, and proactivity that make us want to continue counting on Natalia, not only for the qualities I have named, but also for the personal approach, commitment and professionalism she has shown in each of the projects that we have worked together on. "

- Beatriz Sanchez Aguado (Brand Manager at Joma Sport) - On camera presenting and interviewing and fashion show hosting.



“As the production manager of the Courir brand presentation event, in the plaza norte shopping center where Natalia Bilbao worked as a speaker, I certify that she is an excellent professional”.

- Jorge Torres (Project Manager at Bahía Tuna Producciones S.L.) - Live event for Courir. Groupe Go Sport